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If you wish to make a referral, please print off the form, check off the services you wish the consumer to access, and fax to 08 9622 5070


Share and Care Services

DGC, Aged & Mental Health Services

The direct line for Aged & Mental Health Services is 08 9622 5195

Call 08 9622 5195

Cuppa Club

The club is designed to provide socialisation opportunities in the community. Various activities are undertaken, from casual cuppa’s to outings, guest speakers and music appreciation, anything to reduce isolation and enjoy life.

This service covers the Shire of Northam

Family and Domestic Violence Child Support

A trained child support worker is on site and will relieve the parent of care if she needs to attend appointments.

The support may include outings with the parents’ permission, liaison with schools for enrolments, play therapy, referrals for mother and or child to a host of other agencies that may assist with the variety of needs the consumer presents with.

These services cover the Wheatbelt and Upper Great Southern, and based in Northam and Narrogin. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Emergency Relief Program

This program assists persons in crisis. The program offers:

♦ Assistance with medical equipment/glasses/hearing aids etc
♦ Assistance with gas for persons with medical conditions.
♦ Assistance with food vouchers and referral to other services.
♦ Assistance with travel via train or bus tickets.
♦ Assistance towards utility accounts.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Emergency Accommodation Program

This program assists persons who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are homeless and offers:
♦ Short term crisis, hostel/hotel/motel accommodation for the homeless.
♦ Information and referral to other services to assist in meeting the ongoing needs of homeless persons.
♦ Assistance with part payments of bonds and/or ingoing costs

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Family Assistance Program

This program offers assistance to families who are the recipients of a current health care card who are in crisis with:     
♦ Assistance to families experiencing difficulty with back to school clothing, books or fee costs.
♦ Assistance for families who are at risk of disconnection from essential service supply
♦ Assistance to families for assistance with food and/or travel by either voucher or referral to other service outlets.
♦ Assistance or referral to other services for clothing or bedding for families in crisis.

Telephone 08 9622 2828 

Family & Domestic Violence Co-ordinated Response Service

This team will participate in a joint assessment of Family and Domestic Violence Incident Reports with Police and Department of Communities (Child Protection Services), to achieve victim safety and perpetrator accountability.
♦ Participate in the assessment using the Common Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework.
♦ Participate in triage of responses with Department for Child Protection & Police
♦ Participate in a multi-agency response for high risk cases.
♦ Referrals to appropriate services i.e. Safe at Home.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Financial Counsellor Program

This service offers assistance to anyone wishing to take control of their finances
The Financial Counsellor offers:

♦ Assistance with developing budgets that cater to individual’s needs
♦ Negotiation with creditors including debt collection agencies
♦ Bankruptcy issues, information and assistance
♦ Community Education
♦ Mortgage stress, threatened foreclosure
♦ Advocacy and negotiation on your behalf where requested

Financial Counselling has offices in York, Northam & Merredin and covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Home Care Packages

If a client’s care needs are more complex, or they require Home & Community Care funded service designed to assist those senior consumers or younger and disabled to better manage nutritional concerns. Support workers attend the consumers’ home to either assist the consumer prepare a meal or prepare meals for those consumers that are not able to themselves. It allows for some social time for the consumer and time for the support worker to observe other needs.

HCP pricing

Mental Health Support Service

Provides non-clinical support to people with severe and/or persistent psychiatric illness to develop/maintain living & social skills.

This service also encourages the consumer to participate in community life and activities & decrease the burden of care for the Carers. Consumers must provide a referral from the Wheatbelt Mental Health Team, GP, Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 5195

Narrogin Outreach Counselling Service

This program offers outreach support to women who have recently utilised the Women’s Refuge or feel they need support to work through Family & Domestic Violence issues in their existing relationships.

Our Support Workers maintain confidentiality, are highly skilled and will provide women with referrals to other agencies, court support and teach daily living skills where requested. Support for the clients is ongoing until the client indicates the support is no longer required.
The counsellor (Psychologist) is in Narrogin, transport by the outreach support workers will be provided where requested by the client.

This service covers the Upper Great Southern

Telephone 1800 007 570 
Business Hours 08 9881 6810
24 Hour Telephone Service 1800 007 570
Fax 08 9881 6814

Narrogin Rainbow Centre

An informal skills café for women.

The café environment naturally invites informal discussions between women and provides assistance with CV’s, home making skills such as sewing and cooking, budgeting, shopping on a budget, computer basics, links to education facilities, guest speakers and much more.

This service covers the Upper Great Southern. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Rainbow Women's Centre, Narrogin

Provides safe accommodation for women & children escaping domestic or family violence and homeless women. Referrals for financial assistance, medical issues, legal matters and transport to safe accommodation.

Consumers can access the refuge 24 hours, 7 days a week on the freecall crisis line 1800 007 570, this line is answered by fully trained support workers.

The refuge can accommodate up to three families in a communal style living arrangement. On exiting the refuge clients are offered an outreach service, which may include programs and emotional or physical support and referrals to other agencies. Financial support for emergency food is available on a limited situation, while residing at the refuge.

Support workers provide clients with programs which include safety plans, goal setting, budgeting, the cycle of violence, self esteem and the effects of family and domestic violence has on children. Limited transport is available for access to safe accommodation or appointments etc.

This service covers the Upper Great Southern

Telephone 1800 007 570  
Business Mail:
PO Box 365, NORTHAM WA 6401
Client Mail:
Business Hours 08 9881 6810
24 Hour Service 1800 007 570
Fax 08 9881 6814

Supported Assisted Accommodation Assistance

This program assists persons who are at risk or who are homeless it offers:

♦ Short term crisis hostel/hotel/motel/refuge accommodation to the homeless.
♦ Information and referral to other services to assist in meeting the ongoing needs of homeless persons.
♦ Assistance with part payments of bonds on rentals.

Telephone 08 9622 2828 

Men's Social Support Group

This is an innovative HACC funded program providing services solely to men who fit the HACC criteria and who are socially isolated through circumstances, financial, geographical or disability. The program is accessed by veterans, CACP men, and HACC clients and the program content is decided by the clients. This consists of trips to museums, local race days, Melbourne Cup event, agriculture events, stock sales, machinery shows, local RSL for lunch or a beer, individual support for medical appointments, and other community and in home based activities.

The service is flexible to suit individual needs and Care/Service Plans reflect this by the type of service and time of provision.

This service covers the Shire of Northam. Telephone 08 9622 5195

Magnolia Women's Centre, Northam

For women escaping Family or Domestic Violence and their children. The refuge can accommodate 2 single women and large families, featuring four family rooms and a total of ten beds, in separate fully equipped unit style accommodation.

The refuge operates 24 hours 7 days per week, the support staff are contactable on 1800 353 122. This is a free and confidential service. This number can be use for telephone support and counselling, to obtain transport to get to safe accommodation or information packages on family and domestic violence.

If crisis accommodation is required and the refuge is full, the worker may be able to obtain alternative accommodation. The refuge is monitored daily with a duress alarm system and safety gates to ensure safe supported accommodation.

The worker may be able to be of assistance in regards to court appearances for violence restraining order or family court issues. The worker can provide basic counselling and outreach support if accommodation is not required.The refuge provide programs for women on budgeting, goal setting, safety plans, the effects family and domestic violence has on children, self esteem and the cycle of violence.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. 1800 353 122

Governance & Policy Making Seminars

These seminars are delivered to Boards of Organisations free of charge.

The Share & Care website also contains policies and procedures for download.

Men's Lodge

The Lodge is designed to provide safe secure accommodation to Homeless men from age 18+. Men accommodated in the Lodge can expect to receive assistance with a range of services including:

♦ employment opportunities,
♦ mentoring,
♦ referrals to agencies such as Drug & Alcohol,
♦ Centrelink,
♦ Financial Counselling,
♦ Department of Housing and assistance with immediate needs such as food, housing, medical, clothing etc.

Referrals from DCP, other agencies and self referrals accepted.
Phone: 08 9621 2311 or Mob 0408 935 388

Rural Primary Health Service Funding

This funding provides a suitably qualified staff member to oversee our Mental Health services, both Respite and Support services. The Coordinator focuses on quality driven services, case management to provide a more holistic array of choices for the client base and manages resources for both services. Phone: 08 9622 5195. 

Homeless Support Service

This service is designed to assist those that are threatened with losing their homes due to financial difficulties, those who are homeless and need support to obtain and maintain long term housing and those who are finding it challenging to remain in one home for any extended amount of time.

This service networks closely with the Department of Housing, Emergency Relief services and Financial Counsellors, Supported Housing services through Avon Youth, our Men’s Lodge and other local agencies.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Phone: 08 9621 2311

Safe At Home

Safe at Home provides specialist workers to assess safety and support the needs of women and children to remain in their homes, where it is safe to do so after a Family and Domestic Violence incident or ongoing violence in the home.

Once a referral or WAPOL incident report is provided this service completes a comprehensive risk and safety assessment, security audit and planning to allow women to make an informed decision in relation to remaining in their home or to accessing crisis accommodation should the situation be unsafe. The service also provides links into other agencies. The service has the ability to access limited funds to provide increased safety at the home.

The Safe at Home staff will also assist with support to apply for a Family Violence Restraining Order and offer support during the court process. Outreach support is available across the Wheatbelt to ensure ongoing support.

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Call 08 9622 2828

Suicide Bereavement Service

This program offers assistance to families who have experienced the loss of a loved one through suicide

♦ Assistance to families in the home with support services, caring for children whilst appointments are being attended
♦ Assistance with travel and daily living costs if required
♦ Assistance with referrals to free counselling (Psychologists), financial counselling and legal services
♦ Referrals to other agencies that may assist with other needs
♦ Assistance with Information
♦ Other supports and information services as required

This service covers the Wheatbelt. Telephone 08 9622 2828

Jacaranda House

This program is designed to assist women and children who are homeless.

The program works with the client base towards obtaining and maintaining housing into the future.

Whilst in Jacaranda House, based in Northam, women are offered education, information and support.

This service covers the Wheatbelt.

Hope Cottage

This program is designed to assist large families who are homeless.

The program works with the client base towards obtaining and maintaining housing into the future.

Whilst in Hope Cottage, families are offered education, information and support.

This service covers the Wheatbelt.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

This programme provides entry-level home support for older people who need assistance to keep living independently at home and in their community. Carers of these clients will also benefit from services provided through this service. Services that people may be able to receive include:

♦ Meals;
♦ Domestic assistance;
♦ Personal care;
♦ Pome maintenance
♦ Transport;
♦ Respite care;
♦ Support,
♦ Social Supports

Covers Northam, Wundowie, Bakers Hill, Clackline, Toodyay, York and surrounds